When the world seems like a place full of nothing but negativity and hatred, it can be hard to find someone who can free you from the pain.

Every freedom fighter has a blog devoted to hating them.

Every positive role model will receive a death threat via twitter.

And for every one person that helps you see the world in a better light, there will be one person telling you why you shouldn’t like them.

It can feel like every step forward is met with one shove back.

Try looking into your pets eyes and find negativity and you’ll see, it really can’t be done.


Robert Hoge has an extraordinary story to tell that truly does begin from the moment he was born. From medical complications stemming from medication taken during his mother’s pregnancy, Hoge’s legs were in need of almost immediate amputation, and he was born with a tumour smack bang in the middle of his face that pushed everything else outward from their original position. But what makes Hoge and his family’s story truly remarkable, is just how damn normal his life was 90% of the time.

Role Model: “noun; a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated”.

A role model is a source of inspiration, an aspiration, someone that encapsulates everything you dream to be, and everything you want from life.

Role models come in such varying degrees, because everyone chooses someone different to look up to.

Role models can also be the ones that help you realize that who you are is all that you need to accomplish great things in life.

We choose our role models based partly on who we are, and part based on who we want to be.