Love Is

Personal Reading – Wedding Ceremony of Andrew James Winn and Melissa Patricia Meagher – 20th of February, 2016

What is love?

Love is being stopped in your tracks – not always at first sight, sometimes at sight six or seven.

Whilst it cannot be seen, love is overwhelming once it is felt.

Love is like being run over by a truck, but in the best possible way.

Love is intoxicating; it makes us ridiculous, sensible, crazy and calm.

Love is finding the one person who is created especially for us.

Love is knowing that every step you have taken in life was pre-empted so that you can make it to that one person.

Love is radiated and felt by all those around it.

Love makes your heart beat faster, and your knees feel weaker.

Love is the whole spectrum – from diamond rings to broken feet.

Taking the good that comes with the bad.

Love is realising why you were put on this earth.

Love is what inspires us to grow, to be better, just so we feel worthy of being with that one person.

Love is looking into those eyes.

Love is your hand fitting perfectly in theirs.

Love is finding the other half of your soul.

Love is putting on copious amounts of weight during pregnancy – and your wife still loving you for you. Dad bod or no dad bod.

Love is what you have given to me – and what I will return every day for as long as I live.

Love is what makes us stupid and giddy – but love is a choice, and every day I wake up and choose to love you all over again.

Love is batting above your average, and trying to prove yourself every day.

Love is two people becoming a family – and bringing forth something living and breathing to love and be loved.

Love is knowing that they are perfect, and knowing that you no longer have to pretend to be.

And knowing that they have been sent to complete you.

All I can give you is the promise that every day I aspire to be as perfect for you as you are for me.

You are you, I am I – and together you and I, we are perfect.

Love is you and I. Today and forever.

That’s what love is.

This is what love is.