Be a Bitch: A Guide to Happiness

When the world seems like a place full of nothing but negativity and hatred, it can be hard to find someone who can free you from the pain.

Every freedom fighter has a blog devoted to hating them.

Every positive role model will receive a death threat via twitter.

And for every one person that helps you see the world in a better light, there will be one person telling you why you shouldn’t like them.

It can feel like every step forward is met with one shove back.

Try looking into your pets eyes and find negativity and you’ll see, it really can’t be done.

It’s hard to understand why the creature who does nothing but eat, sleep, play, repeat, can be somewhat of a positive role model in your life – especially when local law tells you that you have to pick up their shit – but when you look deeper into your pets psyche and all that they want from life, you realise that everything about them is what we strive for as people.

All it took was me moving away from my dog, Chelsea, to really appreciate how much every aspect of me as a person that I try to work on, she has in spades.

I want to be more grateful for what I have in life. The stuffed penguin I gave her for Christmas is never more than three feet from her at all times.

I want to be a person that offers nothing but positivity to those around me. When Dad is yelling at the TV when Carlton is playing, Chelsea hyperventilates thinking she’s made him mad in some way.

I want to love and be loved unconditionally. Chelsea greets everyone who comes through the front door with a wagging tail, and a leaf in her mouth as a present – no matter how much it messes up Mum’s floor.

Our pets offer us love and affection without a second thought, and can be a shining light in our lives when everything else has become a sad grayscale. The wag of a tail, or a hairy and smelly cuddle, can make all the difference in the world when it comes to what is running through our minds when we are at our worst.

When society has evolved technologically to the stage where everyone has an online presence and voice, and there are those that think that this entitles them to be more negative and hateful on a wider scale. A dog is still just as infatuated with a stick as ever, and doesn’t need any upgrade or outlet to spread bad energy.

A dog sees the world in black and white; to them everyone is equal, everyone has worth, and there is no butt they won’t sniff in the hopes of making a new friend.

The world could be this kind of place, there is nothing stopping this except ourselves (bar a few laws regarding public indecency and protecting us from having strangers smell our body parts without permission).

The world can be a simple black and white wonderland, and it doesn’t need to be an action taken on by a higher power, it can start from the bottom up beginning firstly in our own lives – all it takes is the ability to love unconditionally, accept everyone for who they are, and for us to be willing to give out our heart without question before societal pressure tells us to put up a wall.

There is no need to waste time, and clutter our lives, with energy devoted to hate, intolerance and anger. All this does is distract us long enough to forget why we are here and what we truly want to offer.

In life (metaphorically or literally, depending on how much you truly want to experience the ‘dog’ life), there is nothing holding us back from being happy and content in our lives simply with the ones we love, the sticks we are given and by holding nothing but love inside our hearts.

A dog can offer more love and happiness in their short dozen years than some people can muster up after ninety.

It’s strange that a species we outrank in brain power, and own as our permanent children, can be an example from which we can draw inspiration.

If only the world could take a leaf out of the dog’s book (and out of Chelsea’s mouth)

And for those who don’t understand their love – you clearly aren’t a dog person.

The world has ninety-nine problems, but this bitch ain’t one.