To Hallie Anna Conway and the youth of today and tomorrow

This we swear to you:

– I swear to fight to let you love who you want to love without boundaries or consequence.

– I swear to be your biggest fan, now and always. Whenever you put yourself out there, I will be a part of the standing ovation you receive.

– I swear to never say never to you. Whatever you dream is your dream – and I will only
support you in it.

– I swear to do everything I can to make sure you walk into every room with your head held high.

– I swear to not rest until you realise the potential you have inside of you to make your dreams come true.

– I swear to leave behind a world for you that loves a little more, hates a little less, and judges no more.

– I swear to be only a positive voice in your ear, and to be the one to shield you from the negative.

– I swear to make school a great and memorable part of your life – where you are surrounded by great people and achieve all you set out to achieve.

– I swear to hold you hand while we conquer the obstacles and the hardships that you encounter.

– I swear that nothing can ever bring you down.

– I swear that you will never be ashamed to be who you were born to be.

– I swear your happiness and well being will be at the forefront of my mind – always.

– I swear that I will only rest when I know that the world is a good enough place to be blessed with your presence.

– I swear that you are perfect.

– I swear that you are the best and only you that exists, and no one can take that away from you.

– I swear that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, pain is only temporary.

– I swear that there are always people in this world that love and care for you.

– I swear that it only gets better.

Your happiness is the priority

From Michael Winn and the world.