My Grandpa – My Fashion Icon

Coming from a family where your Dad tucks polos into his track-paints and your brother just can’t get out of board shorts, it can be hard to find inspiration to better yourself through what you wear.

Cue introduction of my eighty year old grandpa.  Pa, to those who know him. Ken, to those who don’t.

Pa has always been the best dressed man in my life. He has worked tirelessly for much of his eighty years, and yet has never had a thread out of place. Whether he’s out to dinner, or just at home, Pa never disappoints.

Pa can often be spotted in any number of his wardrobe staples. There’s his navy double-breasted jacket, complete with gold buttons, his seemingly infinite number of sweaters or his fashion-forward suede Gucci loafers. No matter where he is or what the occasion, this man knows how to rock it old school.

I never really noticed when I was younger, but in this world there are two kinds of people: those who care about what they wear, and those who don’t. Looking back, Pa has never looked anything short of his best. His trademark grey side-part is always smoothed and perfect, and I swear that to this day I have never seen him in a pair of track suit pants.

For Christmas four years ago my grandparents gave the family a framed photograph of themselves taken on a cruise. My Grandma, forever the glamazon, is stylish as always. Her blonde bouffant is quiffed to perfection and her earrings are big enough to give even a rugby player a sore neck. Pa, as ever, is looking like a more dapper mix of James Bond and Frank Sinatra, in a white tuxedo complete with black bowtie. The photo, to me, shows not that the suit maketh the man, but it does maketh the man look like a superstar.

From one photo and a lifetime of effortless style, my grandpa has taught me what it is to have sophistication in who you are and what you wear. Pa has shown me that if you take pride in what you wear you can take on the world – and win.