2013 – the year that will be

As 2012, and possibly the word as we know it, draws to a close, often with the end of another year comes with it a reflection on the year that was. But instead of reflecting on the up’s and down’s of the past twelve months, the world should look with pride at what is now quite a promising future ahead.

With the Tasmanian parliament coming closer than ever to a decision to legalise same-sex marriage and another three states in the US passing the same law, marriage equality is close to tipping over the edge – with it reinstating the notion that no one person is of greater worth than another, and no one person can control the happiness of another. Being a part of the ‘Age of Equality’ will one day be looked back upon as a moment of true happiness, and of joy that comes with knowing that we were part of something so pure and so full of love. But being a part of the equality movement is not just a part played by politicians, nor is the equality movement based purely on the outcome of a marriage law. Equality comes in all aspects of life; whether it is a child finally free of the torment of a schoolyard bully, or someone finally finding peace within their weight, appearance, heritage, orientation or themselves as a complete package, anyone of any age now has in their hands the ability to change the world for the better, no matter how insignificant they may see their action as being. The world has granted us this power, and with this power comes the power of a revolution – the future seems promising to say the least.

With the future also comes more opportunities to feel and experience the sheer amount of good there is in the world – even amongst the mounds of bad. Like at the close of 2012, so too in 2013 may we be in awe of the good that has risen from the treacherous black ashes. We will be blessed as a world if we hear more stories like that of Victoria Soto – the Sandy Hook teacher who sacrificed her own life to save the lives of her students by hiding them in a closet before confronting the gunman alone who took her life. No, a school massacre should not happen again anywhere in the world, but unfortunately with the free reign of gun ownership that exist in countries worldwide, yes it will happen again. But from these stories we should indeed feel the heartbreak and mourn the loss of innocent lives cruelly taken, but take the tales of true bravery that exists within every single person alive, whether it be a twenty-seven year old music teacher or someone else, everyone has the bravery inside of them to do good on a massive scale. That good you have has the ability to protect lives, to change lives and to save lives, anyone can be someone else’s hero.

There is so much good already in our world – and there is always room for more to come. With the future comes so many more chances of sheer joy and happiness, and that is something that we can all play a part in.

2012 was great – but let’s make 2013 even better.

“We need to focus on the forces of love, and let love rule” – Magda Szubanski

NB: If the world ends on the 21st of December, 2012 as per the Mayan Calendar, please disregard the above article – we had a good run.