The Sensory Approach to Self Confidence

Self confidence is the thing we all strive for most in life, whether you know it or not. What good is having lots of money or all the fame in the world if you don’t have the belief in yourself to get through the day? With no self confidence, you can never meet the truly great potential that is bubbling up inside of you. The voice in your head, the media and negativity of others can whittle down your self-esteem and work to try and make you something you’re not. So tell them all to get fucked and let your five senses guide you on the right track…

See –
When you look in the mirror, you deserve to see a you that you’re happy with and proud of. With a culture so driven by what our eyes show us, we’re all going to fall up short in the unrealistic ideals of society in one way or another. Why can’t you have your hair the way you want, wear the clothes you want, live in the body that fits the mould that makes you the most comfortable? Picture the you that you want, and the future you want for yourself – and get there in whatever way you can.

Hear –
We all know the voice in your head is your worst critic and can get you down more than anyone else, so why have any more negativity coming your way. Hear comments and opinions you want, and shut out the ones that exist purely to bring you down. Listen to the people you want to listen to, and blast the music that makes you feel like a rockstar. That person you are when you’re dancing alone in your bedroom is awesome, don’t be selfish – let everyone see you busting a sick move to Abba (we’ve all been there).

Smell –
Smell the success that comes with you achieving your goals. Your goals are just that – yours. No one has any business in what your goals are, or if you achieve them, it’s up to you to decide what they are and what people hear about them. There is nothing better than accomplishing something that you set yourself. So don’t let people try and shape your goals and dreams, you’re the only one who can achieve them so you should be the one deciding what they are in the first place.

Touch –
Touch people’s lives in a positive way and you’re bound to have great people touch your heart. Friends that let you be the you you’re after are the friends that should be around. Your friends are a reflection of you, as are you on them, so grab the people that you know are the best and hold them close – admit it, life would suck without the people who appreciate the little crazy inside of you.

Taste –
Your taste in music, movies, clothing is what makes you, you. Trends are things that people without taste follow because they don’t have the creative ability or confidence to go their own route in the world. There’s too many ‘what ifs’ and ‘cant’s’ when you’re just trying to dress in the morning, and in the end, people notice more if you’re confident and happy rather than if you’re in this seasons ‘must-have look’.

Self-confidence is the most valuable thing in the world, nothing is as good as it and nothing is more valuable than it. Living your life for others means you will always fall short – being happy and proud of yourself is achievable. We’ve got some work to do.