Coming out of the wardrobe.

In the world of fashion, what you wear is all about raising the bar, standing out, and this has finally filtered down into the mainstream society.

To fit in fashion-wise was once to wear what everyone else wore. Trends were particular items, ‘key pieces’ that everyone who is anyone would have. In the 60’s it was the mini-skirt, the 70’s gave us bell-bottoms and the 90’s opened the flood-gates to swamp us with hyper-colour.

But fast-forward to where we are today and something glorious has happened, the fashion world is recycling the best bits from every decade over the last hundred years and has muddled them into a hot mess that is now the current fashion trends.

Everything that was wrong is now right.

The faux pas of yesteryear are the trends of today.

Clashing prints, double denim, bold colours have been revived and reimagined by some of the worlds most respected designers. The forefathers of risqué high fashion are too finally getting the recognition they deserve from the general public.

The late Alexander McQueen and his outlandishly stunning designs are the talk of the town as his star continues to grow more and more since his passing. Stylists such as Lori Goldstein and Nicola Formichetti, the King and Queen of making the unworkable, work are now some of the most in demand in the industry.

And thanks to their ferocity and fighting at the pinnacle of the fashion world, their creativity and flair has trickled down into the everyday. Bold and fearless looks can be seen in the everyday as people are opting to straw from the mundane in order the dress how they have always wanted. What is ‘odd’ is now fashion and what was ‘fashion’ is now boring.

Fashion freaks unite; your time in the spotlight has come.

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