Happiness is:

–         Starlight

–         Gin o’clock

–         Having your own paparazzi

–         Sharpie tattoos

–         Shelley Craft

–         Cupcakes, coffees and chats

–         The Born This Way Ball

–         Liquid lunches

–         Hating Katy Perry

–         Polaroid’s

–         No longer trying to pretend that you’re normal

–         Passion Pop cork near-death experiences

–         The Portsea back-beach with an iPod and no one around

–         Macaroons

–         Drunken thievery

–         Alexander McQueen

–         Scurry movies

–         Unicorns

–         Knowing that it doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H.I.M

–         Lime green

–         Getting excited for a holiday, two years before you go

–         Little Monsters

–         *face*

–         Hello Kitty

–         Being uncomfortable in everything you wear

–         Glitter cannons

–         Anna Wintour

–         Demanding that they “let him through!”

–         Pony hair

–         A deaf lady at a pub

–         Eye string

–         The Pad

–         Becoming 6’4

–         Karaoke

–         Nic and Nick

–         A quiff

–         The holy grail of vodka

–         Leather…everything

–         Anne Frank

–         Choosing the year 12 party playlist

–         Green tea

–         Late night school sessions

–         Having items of clothing that no one knows about

–         Christian Louboutin’s

–         Knowing that you can’t speak German, but you can if you like

–         Lobster hats

–         Having a side-kick

–         Going overseas to see your favourite band

–         “Ta-da!”

–         ‘The Triangle’

–         Texting in lyrics, and getting your message across

–         Playing dress-ups, every day of your life

–         Portsea single beds

–         Neighbours

–         Knowing that a ‘U’ is lonely without an umlaut

–         One cappuccino and one skinny flat white

–         Japanese photo booths

–         Fishnet headwear

–         ‘The Chronicles of the Pissed Off Tourist’

–         Dressing up, to sit on the floor

–         Mark Taylor

–         Liz Morgan’s cooking

–         The 2 o’clock ‘no text’ freak out

–         Hair dye in a bathtub

–         Marshmallows, Fireplaces and Chats

–         Singing along to every word of ‘Yoü and I’ for the first time live with his arm on your shoulder

–         Italian bars in Shibuya

–         Hilary Duff music

–         Fashionable runs

–         Mint: Toothpaste, Underwear, Mojitos

–         Being cray

–         Seeing the differences when others only see similarities

–         Fuckity gums

–         New Years Eve

–         Wednesday Night Drinks

–         Emoji

–         Dangerous man jewels

–         New York streets

–         Being at the concert of the most photographed woman in the world and taking photos of your best friend instead

–         Bees, Heights, Cheesegraters and Snakes

–         Asians thinking you’re a celebrity

–         Vodka, Borsch & Tears

–         Wearing bondage gear in public

–         Chickun with hot sauce

–         Hookers

–         Blowing a holiday budget

–         Sombreros, Fake moustaches and Tequila

–         Mugler

–         Not talking for the first two years but spending every weekend together

–         The Grammy’s hair-whip

–         Shots

–         Making eye contact with your idol

–         Punch

–         A birthday tradition

–         Not remembering a thing, but knowing it was a good night

–         Central Park stalking

–         A 6-pack of bourbon and coke shared

–         Living like a rock star

–         Blondie and Hooker

–         Baby, yoü and I

Happiness is all these things.

Friendship is doing all these things together, until the day you die.