Small Bump


I don’t even know your name, and yet I feel like I’ve known you forever.

I love you, and yet I’ve never even seen your face.

What I feel for you already, is unlike anything I have ever felt before.

And you, little bump, you wield a power over me that I never expected.

I thought I had this world pretty well figured out,

I thought I had myself pretty well figured out,

But with you I realise I know nothing.

Who made you so strong, and how did you figure me out so easily?

What is it about you that makes my heart soar, yet surfaces all my deepest fears?

You are so tiny and precious that I feel the need to shelter you,

Yet at the same time I want to be the one to show you the world.

You make me feel like your one and only protector,

But your fragility is my undoing.

I’ve known you for months now, but somehow you’ve caught me by surprise.

I feel so unprepared, as I realise the depth of that which I don’t know.

I’m so excited to meet you, but you have me doubting if I am capable.

You are, all at once, an ever-expanding individual with characteristics all of your own,

And yet you are a blank slate.

The personification of innocence,

A true beacon.

You are, right now, the only one of us who is truly free;

Free of pressure, free of prejudice, and free of the weight of the world.

Without doubt, without malice, without motive.

You don’t fear, you don’t judge, you don’t hate,

You are, quite simply, the best of us,

It appears, young bump, that you just might be perfect in every single way.

An angel in flight.

But sometimes, little bump, your wings are clipped,

Sometimes, little angel, you leave us too soon.

Whether we never get to see your face, or have you with us for all too brief a moment.

A bright spark ready to blaze,

Extinguished before you truly glow.

Whether we see it as someone up there’s plan, or the worlds cruellest error,

It is a pain like no other, and that’s just how much we loved you.

And that will forever be something that we will never understand.

Because with all light, there too is darkness.

You are the best in life, and so, sometimes you open our eyes to the worst in life too.

With you, little bump, we lay everything on the line.

All in, no safety net.

Our lives are all the more full because of you,

And your journey hasn’t even begun yet.

Because when we first look at you, we will see love,

When we first hold you, we will feel love,

Just by knowing you, we finally know love.

What is it about you, little bump, that without words you can say so much?

Whether it’s a kick when we can’t see you, or a smile when we can,

There’s a power running through you that electrifies us and lights up the world.

When everything is so busy, you are the calm in it all.

Our world shifts as you become our new centre.

When it comes to you, there is no noise, or chaos, there is just you.

Tiny, perfect, you.

And in a world where we can never make time, and in a world where we long for so much,

With you, we can stop, we can learn to appreciate

A smile, a roll, a laugh – is suddenly all we ever needed.

Once we lay our eyes on you, our perspective is forever changed.

You make me want to spend forever with you, but you’ve shown me how short our time here really is.

You’re my favourite, my best friend , but now I see that you are what I will leave behind.

When we look at you, we can’t help but wonder about your future; yet every minute right now is the most important minute of them all.

Eternity in a moment – a priceless treasure to be cherished.

With you, everything else has faded away into nothingness.

What once ruled our lives now seems meaningless,

As love takes over every single part of us.

Because all we want for you is just to be safe and happy – that’s all.

Everything that we are, everything that we have, is yours.

You’ve shown us everything we ever need to know about the world,

Just by coming into it.

And we wait with baited breath, until you take yours.

So, little bump, when you’re ready, the whole world is waiting for you,

We are waiting for you,

I am waiting for you.

Ready to open up your book, and begin helping you write your story.

And we can’t wait to meet you.

“Cause you are my one and only”  – Small Bump

Feeling OK?
– beyond blue

There’s always hope…