World’s Greatest Shave: Michael Towner

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It’s happening.

On April the 8th I will be shaving my head to raise funds for the Leukemia Foundation in the World’s Greatest Shave.

In our world (unfortunately) cancer is the great equaliser.

Cancer doesn’t care much for who you are, how much you have, or what you have done in life.

It doesn’t care about your age, or whether you lead a healthy lifestyle…

Sure, you can steer clear of cigarettes and microwaves, and drink kale smoothies instead of beers, but if your number comes up, there’s no getting it back down.

Cancer is the universal disease that has touched us all.

So, when I shave my head, it will be in in solidarity with those who are battling, the ones that have made it out the other side,

And in memory of those who didn’t.

In memory of some of my closest friend’s fathers, my godfather, my dog, the countless friends, colleagues and acquaintances, all of whom had their own story and their own battle.


For years, my hair was all I really had.

Whether it was something I grew out to hide behind, or something that garnered me a compliment or two – it connected me to my late-grandfather, and helped me quickly and easily change who I was externally as I longed to change internally.

It also cost me a bomb.

The money and effort that I would put into getting the right haircut, and the way it made me feel if my hairdresser got it wrong, seems vain and ridiculous in the wider scope of the fragility of life and the true challenges people face every day.

So when it all goes, it will be a timely reminder for myself that what’s on the outside means nothing if there’s nothing worthy on the inside, or if life is snatched away from you.

And with almost 1 in 2 of us getting cancer, it seems feeble to put so much of who I am into something as temporary as hair.

So, hair begone, let us first and foremost raise some much-needed funds to help those who need it most, and help me remind myself that life is so much more than just having a good hair day.

Here’s hoping I look good as a cue-ball. But let’s be honest, with eyebrows, a nose and a mouth this big – it’s a big ask.

My goal is to raise $1,500.

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